CHANCE CHALLENGE CHANGE - RURAL HIGHER EDUCATION Though educational institutions offer tremendous contributions in providing quality education to the students there is a need for value added skills and course to enrich them. So to fill the gap between the employer?s expectations on the employee talent that is increasing year by year ARISE is a perfect platform for shaping their holistic personality. And this would be fulfilled only by a team of professional who are part of employer?s point of view during recruitment. This program will enable the School, College students to understand and develop their overall personality and equip them with the right kind of knowledge & skill sets required to face the challenges in today?s competitive corporate world. And in this scenario ARISE comes out to serve the student community to enhance the students and get placed.The Founder & Director Robert Maria Vincent has rich experience in working with rural and tribal people in educating them and getting job ,enhance their entrepreneurial skills.
Member count: 1-10
Phone: 62735235