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At Arion, we believe that every runner, and every run, is completely unique. Unfortunately, overwhelming data and excessive options mean many of us are running the wrong way and in the wrong shoes. Reducing our performance and increasing our injuries. We require a better understanding of ourselves as individual runners. Our unique metrics, the meaning behind them, and the relationships between them. Specific to our bodies, our technique, and our goals. Our individual "Running Identity" Running is over categorized and under personalized making it can feel almost impossible to adapt our movement and improve our performance. ARION is a next-generation innovation that grants you an unparalleled understanding of your Running Identity. Helping you run faster, longer, and safer. ARION is based on 10+ years of research and 7 patents and has been created by a team of highly motivated scientists, engineers and fitness enthusiasts. ARION comprises ultra-thin pressure-sensitive insoles that slip neatly and unnoticed under a runner’s own running shoe insoles. This transforms the shoe into a running lab that analyzes technique and identifies strengths, weaknesses and injury risks. The runner receives easy to understand real-time feedback to improve their technique which will bring more results and a lower risk of injury without years of training.
Location: Netherlands, Eindhoven
Member count: 11-50