ARI Business Network
The invention that will change the world Now you can invest in this business. Hi, my name is Alina Iliescu, and I am the founder of ARI Love Project Our presentation: We created an algorithm that gives you the most important book about you. We also can make the compatibility between people. Our invention is unique worldwide and we needed 3 tears and a half and 100 people in the team to finish this project. We have invested 1 million euros of our own funds and created and tested the invention, make the personality test, the algorithm, we wrote the 10000 pages, the website and all content translated in English. Why we need your help: To make an application for smart phone that shows you your compatible persons near you, worldwide. We will split the project in two parts: ARI for online dating My ARI for personal development To sell the book in on line bookstores International coverage We will translate all the project that has 10,000 pages Help make it happen