WE HELP YOU GO FROM TECH IDEA TO TECH STARTUP Aries Code Engine (ACE) is a very effective and powerful application generator. We call it an application generator, because once you define your architecture and templates, it builds the screens, the data structures, and the entire application for as many platforms as you provide templates for. From one configuration, you can create your iOS, Android, and web application...all with one click. This allows your technical team to focus on the design and business logic, rather than the minutia of typing code. We originally built ACE for our own use so that we could accelerate our coding efforts, ensure reliability, and enforce coding standards. We can demonstrate to you how ACE can make the efforts you have been putting off more viable. Let us show you how ACE: ?Delivers in a fraction of the time ?Reduces Efforts and Costs ?Increases Consistency ?Increases Quality ?Repeatable Process Visit out site for more information ariestco.com/ace
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