Fast Free Money exchange investment APOLLO is a free software for enabling online anonymity and resisting censorship Apollo directs Internet traffic through a free,worldwide volunteer network ApoCoin Will be the alternative currency which will have a starting ratio to the USD of 0.001 and this will be the all-time minimal value of this coin After the date of publication it is supposed to rise in value and get the value somewhere between 200-500 USD,so a potential small investment now could make you a millionaire in 1-2 years The number of coins produced will be between 10 million to 15 million It will be decentralized,with a Non-Public script and the program that holds it is made up with autonomous programing scripts which will stand against any known malware known to date,and will be updated every week The transaction is kinda like the others in the mainstream,but faster,more secure and it will be totally free from any fees. ApoCoin will use the programing structure of APOLLO and make secure,fast,anonymous transactions.