Digital Passport for all Valuable Objects With Arianee, ownership is secured and augmented & groundbreaking features are added to your most valuable treasures The protocol has been designed to give an augmented digital identity to every single valuable object in the world, whether they are connected or not. From personal luxury products, such as watches or handbags to music instruments, but also your best wines or spirits. THIS SMART-ASSET iS A DIGITAL PASSPORT WITH GROUND-BREAKING FEATURES: - Perpetual, secure and authentic thanks to the blockchain technology, it lives in a secure wallet on our phones. - Versatile, open and rich it allows us to follow the product life, to insure it, transfer its owenserhip and much more. - Anonymously connected it links us with the creators and brands we love, giving us the choice to share some of our personal data with them.. or not any.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $3M

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