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Ascertain Biosciences is the 1st and only Artificial Intelligence (AI) healthcare company that offers AI innovation to address poor patient outcomes (e.g. misdiagnosis and poor treatment strategies). Ascertain’s AI minimizes any bias that hinders clinical success across 3 Divisions: AI Spine Surgery, AI Plastic Surgery and AI Depression Management. AI DEPRESSION MANAGEMENT Ascertain Biosciences will be the first quantitative and objective diagnosis for depression utilizing a biomarker. This is based on Nobel Prize winning research and this can help many affected by depression manage their progress. Additionally, Ascertain's AI will also assist in best outcome predictions based across the patient and antidepressant variability associating the biomarker response. SPINE DIVISION For patients/surgeons that are dissatisfied with inferior outcomes, Ascertain takes the enemy of good outcomes away—BIAS. Ascertain’s AI sorts through various patient, manufacturer variability to produce the best outcomes. Spine surgeons’ bias comes from their training, experience and the spine device manufacturers they know. Additionally, spine surgeons are not familiar with the various spine devices on the market. Ascertain's AI takes the guesswork out and provides the surgeons with best possible outcomes. AI PLASTIC SURGERY Ascertain developed AI Deep Learning that sorted through patient variability to generate a personalized blueprint detailing the exact specifications for our innovative surgical approach Overall, Ascertain Biosciences' AI may provide better patient outcomes, lower healthcare costs by reducing revision surgery and patient assessment/strategies prior to surgery and less operating room time.
Founded date: 2021