A Revolutionary Smartwatch Keyboard ARGOtext's keyboard revolutionizes the use case for smartwatches by enabling large, adult hands to type with high speed and accuracy on small, wearable devices. Benefits over current solutions include tactile cues, finger-sized keys, one-touch typing, three-finger typing, and a complete view of the screen. To understand this system's power and flexibility, visit ARGOtext.com and click "Demo." By 2016 autonomous watches will connect directly to internet and voice networks, becoming a direct channel for commerce such as e-mail, search, texting, and phone calls. Users will frequently leave their phones home in favor of their watch when dressing up, playing sports, dancing, leaving their purse home, hiking, biking and more. Voice recognition is frequently unusable due to noise, mistranslation, and the unsolvable privacy issue. Consumers prefer manual input over voice 60% of the time. This surprising innovation meets that need.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $100K