Controlled-release ionic silver antibacterial antiviral for internal human use Ionic silver is a powerful, broad-spectrum antibacterial and antiviral. It causes no unwanted side effects with normal use. It does not incur the creation of supergerms the way antibiotics do. It fights many supergerms that antibiotics cannot. Ionic silver is used in hundreds of products today as an antimicrobial. It has been shown in mice to be five times as effective as antibiotics. In order to be effective in the human body, controlled delivery is required so that it is not neutralized by chlorides. Our technology does exactly this, very well. The natural products field has been using "colloidal" silver, which is now well known to consist of only about 3% bioactive silver ions and about 97% useless silver metal. The head of technology for Morgan Stanley, who essentially created Microsoft, Dell, AOL and Amazon, said it could "lead to a billion-dollar company and make history changing the world of antibiotics, from both a financial point of view and a humanitarian point of view."