AREX Markets
Seamless Integrated Invoice Financing Solutions Born in 2014 after seeing a massive opportunity for technology to disrupt the multi-trillion SME financing market, AREX is an ambitious data-driven fintech company aiming to bridge capital market liquidity and SME cashflow needs. Our first product is an automated receivables exchange platform where SME invoices are converted into a tradable asset class called Exchange Traded Receivables (ETRs). ETRs are then sold on an open market where a single ETR can be purchased by one or multiple investors using automated trading bots. Most of the ETRs are filled within seconds of being listed. Unlike our competitors, AREX works exclusively with accounting partners to provide accurate financial pictures of both borrowing firms and their debtors, hence creating a more comprehensive firm?s financial picture while minimizing default risks. Due to this, SMEs typically get lower interest rates while investors get predictable returns with extremely attractive risk/return ratio.
Member count: 11-50
Total raised: $3.343549M

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04.11.2016-$3.343549MLifeline V...Invoice fi...

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04.11.2016Invoice Tr...Arex, a Helsinki,
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