Authentic Sustainable Packaging Design Arekapak is an authentic sustainable packaging design made out of the areca palm leaf. The leaf is an agricultural biproduct that is pressed into shape with little water and energy consumption and without any chemical substances. Arekapak is 100% natural, free of contaminants and completely compostable within 60 days. Arekapak is inspired by the traditional use of natural materials in India. The production of natural goods such as areca products secures the livelihoods of many communities in rural India. Through our production with small units in India we can support a sustainable economic development in the rural areas. Arekapak is an authentic ecological solution that pops out in the market through its special aesthetics. The packagings are functional and versatilely applicable. They are sturdy, heat and cold-resistant and also have a natural moisture resistant surface to be able to hold liquids for a few hours.