The online hotel concierge is a web-based online local information site that links travelers with local restaurants, shops, attractions, and other travel services. Think of us as the online version of the rack of tourist brochures in hotel lobbies, except, we serve all traveler needs, including places to eat, shop, play, or even where to get help when they need it. Listing a business page on AreaOwl is FREE. Any business gets their own free webpage with guest traffic from near-by hotels. Business owners are encouraged to use lots of nice photos and useful links on their business page so hotels can easily "sell" their business to guests. So, how do we make money? Free listing of a business page is limited to one city (where the business is located.) For a small monthly fee, businesses can: 1. list their page in additional cities or business categories (e.g. "open late") to attract more customers. 2. use our Banner Ad feature to "push" your brand in front of travelers in other cities or categories.
Member count: 1-10