Everyone​ Deserves A Chance! We Are Bungs & F. Bungs or simply "Familie Bungs." We Are ARDOXSO, a German family-owned firm in the field of investment and marketing, which was launched in May 2019 under the name of ARDOXSO. Although we lead a very young company, our founders and key people have a brilliant and long history of achievement. The statistics show that the marketing mistakes bring the most deadly blows to the startup. On the other hand, investors are more interested in investing in startups that have a specific idea, coherent market research, have a product can meet the market demand, and have a precise marketing plan for the presence in a competitive market. ARDOXSO is the solution to manage this challenge and potential crisis for adept and enthusiastic startups. We increase the chance of success for Early-Stage Startups by planning and executing both marketing activities and then attracting investors, which we have in our network. Now if you think your startup can respond to market problems, send us your suggestion and instead of risking to start working with a real co-founder, increase your will chance with a legal co-founder that is run by a highly experienced and high-ranking family. Increasing the chances of success and reducing the failure rate of startups is what we do at ARDOXSO GmbH.
Location: Germany, Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, Bremerhaven
Member count: 11-50
Phone: +49 471 90080133
Founded date: 2019