Crowd Sourced Temperature Controls We are designing an intelligent home automation (starting with air conditioning) system that uses wearable sensor data and other sensors, to control your environment to maximize your comfort. Arcticpod hardware uses newly available Infrared technology, that can read the temperature of your skin, along with ambient temperature and humidity sensors. The acquired data (either wearable stech or our hardware) is then plugged into software we are developing with the energy efficiency team at VTT, the leading technical research institute in Finland. The net result is an always comfortable, energy efficient environment. The ArcticPod hardware is WiFi enabled and has an API to support integration with other home automation systems. The free companion app will enable full control of the arcticpod hardware as well as visualization of the data collected from all the devices (you enable) which we use to learn and adjust the settings to fit your definition of comfort.
Member count: 1-10