Gamified shopping rewards platform A high standard gamification platform for the reward card industry that does not currently exist that introduces gamification elements such as tiered levels with each retailer, concierge service, waypoints, social shopping, achievements, and titles. Both Consumer/Retailer Targeted. Retailers will have full control over what kind of promotion or limited opportunity they want to send through to the platform. They'll also be able to see any online, nearby, and new shoppers for special targeting in addition to an array of features. Our platform will operate on all devices including mobile and desktop while leveraging tech such as iBeacon - an indoor proximity system that can notify nearby iOS devices. ARC?s platform will offer complete spending history for both the shopper and retailer. The consumer will be able to overlook all purchases, and access receipts, meanwhile the retailer will be able to gain insights into trends & utilize targeted advertising suited to their shoppers habits.