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Arch empowers the innovative to design and deploy Industrial IoT for a more connected and sustainable Earth. With Arch, the best IoT applications can be built completely in software without any electrical engineering expertise. We provide the first complete device-to-cloud framework where customized electronics can be produced 5x faster and 10x cheaper than ever before. Our devices are industry-grade, secured out-of-the-box, and ultra-low power achieving best-in-class from small pilot deployments through millions of units at scale. Most recently, we've used our technology to build smart IOTile devices that work with all kinds of water meters, soil moisture sensors, and more to connect industrial equipment to the internet. If you're doing anything in the water or ag space that could be data-empowered. Let's connect!
Location: United States, California, Palo Alto
Total raised: $15M
Founded date: 2015

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