Holo-Lev * Holographic Levitation Technology *3D Visualisations Clients benefit from Photorealistic images to generate a deeper understanding of feasibility and material choices agreeable to the brand. *360 Content Being the latest extension of 3D static visualization it allows a different level of experience by providing a fully interactive 360 viewable on screen or through a headset. *Real Time Solutions Primarily used on Residential Projects and Retail Stores, our latest developments, powered by the Unreal Engine, offer an unparalleled ease of use, interactive and highly customizable solution to showcasing. *Virtual Reality Pioneers of the latest hardware technology provided by the Occulus Rift, we are able to offer fully immersive and interactive walkthroughs to elevate project experience. *Retail Technology Our custom holographic pyramid technology allows retail stores an unmatched customer engagement by adding dynamic value to any showcased products and deliver the WOW factor to potential customers.