Inspiration board to achieve dreams Our Inspiration Board (IB) is a web- and app-based service which allows registered users to: - visualise their dreams and turn them into goals & objectives - use checklist, resources and timeline tools to track them - receive feedback and help from the IB community - celebrate their successes and be rewarded with various perks. Our USP is that the users cannot only create their boards, but also track, record and share their progress and receive feedback. Our free plan offers a profile, board and tracking tools. Various paid plans offer more features, including an unlimited number of boards, access to more advanced templates, reminders and chat. Our primary target market is 17-45 year olds who: - don't know what to do with their life or how to realise their dreams - want to change their lifestyle, career, etc. - are interested in self-development and wellbeing. Our secondary market is businesses whose products/services are related to users' dreams and available through the IB.