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AS IA builds a scientific DB network which taps into all biodata and to reveal its true potential AS AI is a tool which harvest R&D data, clinical trials and all export-format-data on one hand, process it in-between, using both Natural Language Processing and other AI systems, in order to structure information to the core, and to build an index able to collect "super-qualified" chunks of data, deducted from extremely large datasets and to deliver it to the end-user in a extremely customizable way. We are then building a database network, connecting "nodes" which are laboratories we are working with (data never leaving their infrastructure), and then catalyzing and unleashing the full power of scientific data. This is how ArcaScience is able to create a super-efficient top-down search engine in between databases, allowing queries to pick up resourceful input all around. Collaboration :INRIA Take a biostatistician, an epidemiologist or any citizen who have lawful access to its Open Science Data (which we retrieve and hand to public institutions in charge of storing and opening these data). Before ArcaScience, they used to work with their own 20% of structured and yet atomized research infrastructure, always trying to dig through millions of clinical trials and datasets for every drug and study which are a treasure trove of data. Then, for example, they can get a comprehensive list of patients having certain diseases within trials on a drug, something nearly impossible with traditional methods We can ensure an exponential growth of quality researches and therefore optimize the impact of research on society, like in COVID19 situations.
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