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ArcaScience is a multiple AI tool leveraging massive biomedical datasets, enriching it, and associating it with a simple querying and cutting-edge in-depth targeting and extraction tool for R&D and post-marketing needs (phramacovigilance & RWE) ArcaScience has been used for drug repurposing, biomarkers identification , COVID adverse event tracking and Real World Data parsing. We build an index collecting super-qualified datapoints, deducted from extremely large datasets ready to be delivered it to the end-user. In search of a top-down search engine in between databases, allowing queries to pick up resourceful input all around, saving you millions a year? That's our job. 📯Listed by BPI Le HUB as one of the 29 french companies relevant in New Medical Development📯* 🏆AAP AI/DATA CentraleSupélec🏆 🏆🏆PhD Talent Career Fair🏆🏆 In partnership with : - EIT Health* - Paris&Co (Tech Care) - ICM - Wilco Healthcare - Inserm - French Ministry* *https://lehub.bpifrance.fr/panorama-startups-sante-francaises-ia/ *https://eithealth.eu/covid-19-making-connections/offer-biomedical-database-for-covid-19-analysis/ *https://services.dgesip.fr/I19/DdbM9s7vWL88gm8A558898058/
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Founded date: 2018

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