Arbor Education Partners
Big Data Student Information System At Arbor, we?re on a mission to transform the way schools work with smarter, hassle-free tools teachers love to use. You?ve seen the headlines. Sadly, the mess and stress of data and admin is a major source of unhappiness in our schools. 60% of a teacher's time is spent on admin related work, 53% agree that it contributes to stress and it's only getting worse every year. So, at Arbor we put everything we have into building hassle-free school technology, like our MIS (Management Information System), that?s as powerful and intelligent as it is easy to use. We?re a diverse and experienced team of ex-teachers, edtech engineers and education specialists passionate about making a difference to the sector. Ultimately, we?re here to help make our schools and trusts stress a little less, and focus on what matters most - improving the lives of teachers and outcomes of students everywhere!
Member count: 51-200