Arbitrage Technologies®

Arbitrage Technologies®
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Arbitrage Technologies is a leading TradeTech - the new FinTech - startup in San Francisco, closing the gap between trading and technologies. Capital and Derivatives Markets change rapidly. Change is driven by ever-growing amounts of data combined with Speed, Remote Access and Cloud Computing. AT’s patented software is designed to help customers interpret native exchange data and delivered in developers toolkits and APIs in truly real time. The software can interpret native exchange data from the Google Cloud Platform and CME Smart Stream to deliver it in Python, Java, C++ and Apple Swift, instantly. AT Software is certified by CME and patented. Arbitrage software usage is much broader than just arbitrage strategies, it detects the best trading signal to enter or exit any strategy and is flawlessly integrable in any automated trading strategy.

 With AT’s Software Toolkits our customers can access real time native data to generate trading signals, for research, or to let machines learn, accessing the very inner circle of every exchange. When market participants have access to native data of financial exchanges in truly real time they can gain 150% more in trading opportunities. 
 We provide access in the most simplified form by taking out all friction between the trading desk and the exchange. Our streamlined solutions are created for data analysis, generating best algotrading signals or to let machines learn. We serve buy side data analysts, portfolio managers, financial institutions, developers and tech savvy traders.

 Arbitrage Technologies APIs simplify the direct connection to Global Financial Exchanges, making native data comprehensible and tradable, instantly. Pleased to be part of this rapid changing industry and delighted that the US patent office acknowledge our efforts of innovation, novelty and industrial applicability by granting Arbitrage Technologies a Worldwide Software Patent. Granted by both USPTO and PCT.
Employees: 1-10
Founded date: 2014