FIrst Multi-vendor Marketplace for Middle-east and North Africa It's the first multi-vendor market place in the region. Our business model is specified to the region needs. We are originally from the region but 4 of our team live in Europe and fully understand this business, we have witness eBay growth and have learned a lot. We are not going to copy them, we going to make something that matches the region culture and behavior and more importantly built an online shoppers and sellers community where they can trade safe and secure. We also will work with major third party payment processor in the region that will act as PayPal, but with cheaper fees and more focus to the region. They are not fully developed as they did not serve such model "Aramek" before, but they are ready to develop be part of Aramek. The market for internet shopping although still young $15 Billion in 2015, but studies shows that is actually growing faster than other big market such as Europe.
Member count: 1-10