Arabella Models Image Consulting
Marketing and Branding for Indie Artists Arabella Models Image Consulting LLC is one of the leading image consulting firms for all the marketing and PR needs for Indie Artist and Small Businesses. Our team works with independent and signed artists to improve their images and marketing abilities for the entertainment industry. Arabella also works with small businesses looking to expand their marketing and revenue. We do this by focusing on Network marketing and social media. We have stuck to building brands that are still small and being a one stop shop for all of there marketing and pr needs. Arabella Models Image Consulting has also created Dear Arabella Magazine that gets views from up to 18 countries a month, we also have created Arabella Productions to provide ads, video productions for each client and live events to market directly to consumers. Above you will see a video from our Showcasing the Arts. Each vendor we built a complete brand for and then brought in consumers for them to sell to.