Dirty Millions The Clean Way

This 3-D Movie Is Designed To Stop World Prejudice As a inventor, small business owner and author of two books, my first nonfiction business book is titled, How To Make Dirty Millions The Clean Way. This book has changed the careers of individuals, as well as turned many small businesses around that were on the brink of failure. My second book starts around the year 1860 and ends around 2016. The Movie Dirty Millions The Clean Way (3-D) is the reason I am raising money. This movie was written with more passion and clarity than the award-winning movies. The Butler starring Oprah Winfrey, D jangle starring Jamie Foxx, Good Deeds starring Tyler Perry, and 12 Years A Slave, combined. If you have not seen the above movies, it is a must add, to your to do list! I wish I could tell you that I have a Masters degree from some Ivy League college. The truth is my SAT scores were around a third grade level, when I graduated from high school. I was educated in one of the poorest cities & school districts in America. My stories is helping millions!
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