Next-generation city adventures ARQuest is a platform for mobile devices that gives possibility to create and take part in geolocation quests with augmented reality. At any time! With any team! In any genre! The quests are created to break cliches. We've gathered our best ideas to maximise the Wow effect while using the application. Everything is based on the augmented reality technology, as well as on use of various detectors, which can be found in any modern mobile device. Therefore, the device becomes a remote control to another world, the world of adventures and breathtaking stories. There is a huge number of quest genres. For those who want to challenge themselves - research genre, for little users of mobile devices - kid genre that involves parents, and for travelers and discoverers - tourist genre e.t.c. But it is always about moving around the city, village or cross-country, and it is always about new interesting information, always smart recreation!
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $30K

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