Global water data management company. Owner of BigData generated by water usage AQVA.IO is an IoT Startup that manages big-data generated from water usage. This is made by developing remote reading services, as well as their associated services that increase customer value. The company was established in January 2017. To enable business from water usage AQVA.IO have developed service that increases household water safety. Primarily, our customers are private households, who live in single-family homes and want to keep track of their water consumption and detect any leaks in good time. The solution is not suitable only for this purpose, but also for the agricultural sector and industry. The measurement is in real time and it is based on the optical reading of meters. Consumption can be monitored on the website, which is household-specific and where you can also obtain a written report. When the system detects a leakage, the customer receives an alert by SMS or through an application installed on a smartphone.