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Making your water safer through the use of smart technology ASM-P ultrasonic Biofouling Control Systems: These use one or more ultrasonic transducers to broadcast ultrasound into the external environment. Applications include the control of biofouling on wharves, jetties and vessel hulls as well as the control of algae and pathogens in lakes and other enclosed waterways such as water treatment ponds and cooling towers. ASM-R water treatment chambers or reactors: In what is believed to be a world-first, these are fully enclosed stainless steel pressure chambers incorporating ultraviolet tubes and ultrasonic transducers with/without ozone injection for the in-line treatment and disinfection of water passing through the reactor. Applications include the treatment of water for swimming pools, waste-water and potable water treatment plants, horticulture (e.g. glass houses and irrigation water), aquaculture and any other industry where clean water is an absolute necessity.
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