FIRST EVER SALTWATER TILAPIA FROM PANAMA Our goal is grow premium-valued, farm-raised red tilapia in the Republic of Panama. We?re on a mission to produce the first ever, open-ocean reared, and omega-3 fortified, red tilapia product with export to U.S. seafood distributors, high-end supermarkets and restaurants. World population is fast growing and so is the demand for seafood. By 2020, there will be a shortage of seafood. Our fish farm, managed by Aquasense Panama, is poised to produce, off-shore, a red tilapia product using innovative, eco-friendly technologies. If achieved and maintained, we believe we can translate these advantages into long-term market dominance and generate greater value for company and our investors. Aquaculture is the fastest growing area of food production and now accounts for 50% the worlds consumed seafood, tilapia one of the top-10 fish consumed. We plan to capture 4.0% of the $1 billion U.S. farmed tilapia market. The problem is real, the solution is crystal clear - aquaculture.
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