Water sector sensors Our first product in the range of products is a STATOMETER built for Groundwater level measurement. It measures the depth of water/ level of water in a groundwater well. It comes both in portable and permanent forms. One can carry around the portable device and all the values are recorded in the logger which are transferable to the PC using USB cable or a memory card reader. As the name suggests, the permanent device is permanently installed on a well, and it sends the readings to the cloud server, which are then analysed and presented to the client on a data dashboard. All the technologies for the product are indigenously developed. USPs: 1. Patented technology. First in India. 2. Non-Contact device 3. Inbuilt GPS 4. Inbuilt GPRS for sending data to a cloud server 5. Solar powered. 6. Remote Triggering 7. Single click customization of the frequency of readings 8. All the required analysis available on the dashboard
Member count: 11-50