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Advanced Water Leak Detection and Water Consumption Management Solutions AquaSeca's advanced water leak detection and consumption management solution includes a group of cost effective, non-invasive, battery operated, wireless acoustic sensors which are strapped to accessible pipes. The sensors ?listen? to water flow and collect/transfer data to AquaSeca?s cloud-based analytics hub where the data is analyzed to create the building?s unique operational footprint. Thereafter, the site is monitored 24/7; when unexpected usage patterns are identified, actionable information is immediately sent to the property manager. Installation can be done without plumbers/electricians, and system can be tied into existing automatic shut off valves or other building management systems. AquaSeca's solution provides the fastest leak detection and valuable use analysis, dramatically reducing property damage and operating costs. The solution is being launched into the commercial building space including office buildings, multi-tenant residences, medical facilities, and hotels.

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