HISTORICAL ESCAPE CREATES A UNIQUE PRODUCT THE PROBLEM WAS FINANCIALLY WORTH SOLVING FOR ALL INVOLVED AFTER 30 + YEARS OF SUCCESS. Driven by consumer demand, not just by the U.S. market, which is enormous, but by its world wide appeal. Customers will be motivated by its new space age design, dramatic improvements, and mass market appeal. KNOWING THE PAST SUCCESS OF OUR PRODUCT, "AQUASCOOTER", IT DROVE OUR PASSION TO SOLVE EPA RESTRICTIONS AND REGAIN OUR FINANCIAL SUCCESS. After investing 2 ? years of our money, time, travel and sweat. Researching the evolving market trends, engineering, patenting, and developing multiple mockups, a new space age design with many improvements it is now ready for final production engineering, prototyping and testing. A prequalified manufacturer has been extensively researched, a business plan with them is in place, starting budgets and timelines have been projected. With all our passion driven efforts now complete, we are now ready to move forward.
Member count: 1-10