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Cannabis consumer packaged goods Branded cannabis means patients and consumers have the same experience with our products every time. It means being able to purchase a strain you like and experiencing the same effects with that product. Our ?beta? brand, Golden Gateway? quickly became the first, pre-packaged branded cannabis flowers in statewide, wholesale distribution in California, based on: 1) The best finished products of classic, California strains grown by long-time CA growers 2) Subjective, top-shelf quality across all strains 3) Objective, lab-testing on every 5 lb. batch of Golden Gateway? to verify: a. Potency b. Pesticide and PGR Free c. Biological Contaminant Free (mold, mildew, harmful bacteria) 4) Tamper-evident, glass jars that are sealed prior to delivery to the retailer As Aquarius creates and acquires brands in categories like concentrates, edibles, and pharmaceutically-focused products, management will develop similar standards for those categories that set Aquarius brands apart from the pack.
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