The new device, that prevents wasting water while you get it to get hot AquaReturn is an appliance which will prevent this waste of thousands of litres of water. It is an innovative small domestic appliance CE approval which prevents water from coming out of the tap until it has reached 35?C, generating major savings for users and society. The average estimated saving achieved by AquaReturn is 10000 litres of water per person and year. And to all the homes in a town we should add the savings in public buildings and then the energy saved in pumping to treatment and purification plants... For AquaReturn was conceived as a product to stop water and energy wastage and the resulting CO2 emissions without affecting people's habits or quality of life. And there is another factor which we regard as of great interest if hard to quantify: the educational value of seeing AquaReturn in operation, as it helps us appreciate a limited resource which is widely wasted due to the lack until now of a technology for preventing it.