Better than any other water purification My team and I are building a water purification device that enables any household to transform tap water into naturally pure drinking water without any hormones or chemicals and at the same time creates ActiveWater that prolongs freshness of food and produces ecologically clean disinfection. There is not such a device available throughout the world! Our innovative product is called AquaQube and you can read more about it at: In developed countries it is primarily targeting parents, but also people who care about their health or ecology. With only slight adjustments, we are able to bring AquaQube to developing countries and finally enable higher social groups to have pure drinking water from tap. The market is expected to be as large as 4.67 billion US Dollars. The entire market is huge but with little differentiation which makes it a good opportunity to enter with an innovative product such as AquaQube. We are attending TechCrunch in San Francisco in September.