Aquakristalb non-chlorine desenfection
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Healthy , eco-friendly , User friendly Aquakristalb is 4 years old actively growing product in local and global market every day . We call it magical becaouse the results are magical . Aquakristalb is single dose single step and long term treatment way for pools & Spas. Even we do maintain big artificial fountains and lakes like around 23 000.000 Lt capacity . It is totally harmless to swimmers and environment . Easy to apply and easy to use . Lets say we do have 100.000 Lt pool and it is for private use , lets say we where using chlorine and other chemicals to maintain our pool ,and if visually it is clean we just use one unite (5 Lt ) Aquakristalb and pour it all in pool eqaul all sides and balancing tank. That's it and after 15 min later we can swim safely without any bad affect of chemicals your pool will have drinking water taste and will be fully clean as microbiologically and with this single dose it will go 10 weeks in season in winter time it goes up to 6 months .