The Leading Real Estate Website in Jordan AQAR-ESTATE is a real estate website dedicated to helping real estate owners, real estate buyers, sellers, renters, real estate agents and professionals, landlords and property managers to find and share vital information about real estate. We are transforming the way sellers and consumers make real estate-related decisions and connect with real estate professionals. Business Objectives: - To connect more people with more options of properties than anywhere else. - To keep consumers informed about the estimated prices of properties. - To monitor the real estate market movement; i.e. where people are looking to buy/invest, what prices are in the market... etc - Provide a moderated and up-to-date property information with all possible details (in-door, out-door images, videos, location finder maps, price, specifications ? etc) - Helping real estate professionals and companies to transform their marketing techniques into online. - To represent Mortgage and foreclosure options.
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