American Physical Therapy Center
Bringing the international standard of quality physiotherapy services to Nigeria In Nigeria where about 1 Billion USD is spent on medical tourism yearly, our company aims to bring that expected standard of care home, and decrease the need to travel to receive quality care. We will be both a provider of home-care services and an outpatient center where clients can receive treatment for various injuries and ailments. Located in Ikoyi, an area of Lagos where the majority of the upper class resides, our clinic will be in a prime location for both Nigerian residents and expatriates working in the area. As a second phase of the project, we will be opening a clinic on Lagos mainland that provides more affordable services to local residents in greater numbers. Our clinics will mix foreign-educated therapists with local therapists in order to better train our employees and improve patient outcomes. Currently our therapists are able to treat orthopedic, neurologic, pediatric and geriatric conditions as well as workplace and athletic injuries.
Total raised: $40K