ART - Apta Regenerative Technologies
Aptamers for improved tissue regeneration ART is developing biomaterials with enhanced capability to promote cell activity. When biomaterials come in contact with blood they spontaneously get coated with proteins, which are then ?seen? by cells and tell cells what to do. ART is developing biomaterials loaded with aptamers, small synthetic oligonucleotides that can be engineered to specifically bind a target molecule. Aptamers can enrich scaffolds with desired molecules that can be captured and retained on the scaffold from the surrounding environment. We call this effect Selective Protein Affinity. ART team has developed a prototype constituted by a biocompatible hydrogel matrix and aptamers against Fibronectin, an adhesive protein present in blood. ART intends to create biomaterials loaded with aptamers against different targets, to address different needs for implantable biomaterials in different tissues and clinical situations.

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