We develop portable & wearable devices based on a wide range of targets Our company aims to provide functional DNA for basic research as well as healthcare applications. Single-stranded functional DNA have been widely used in facilitating discoveries in basic biomedicine research, ensuring food safety, monitoring the environment, and they also play promising roles as clinical diagnostics and therapeutic agents. To accomplish this, AptaCam is made up of two core components - the world?s largest DNA information database and sharing platform and R&D arms responsible for exploring and improving their applications on healthcare. Our target customers are healthcare professionals working at research institutions or biotechnology companies and pharmaceutical companies. Potential customers want cheaper affinity reagents for laboratory and clinic use, or potent diagnostics or therapeutic agents.
Location: United States, Milano
Member count: 1-10

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30.04.2015Students l...Students launch world's larges...--cambridgen...
30.04.2015Students l...Students launch world's larges...--cambridgen...