Best designed smart locking solution APSO - Is the best designed smart locking system for your door. It uses a modular hardware design to bring out the best capability of a smart lock. It includes The first smart lock built on a jimmy proof deadbolt locking mechanism, precision designed using high grade Aluminium and steel for reliable functionality for years to come. A unique power management system consisting of an internal backup battery and USB port to connect to external power source of your choice ( battery, direct wiring to home power source.) I/O port extension capability to connect I/O devices. We are launching with our unique code entry module. Real time access control and updates using the plugin wifi-ble bridge : APSO now Four ways to access your lock Smartphone app, Unique designed code entry, remote access from web or mobile, manual keys. Minimalistic design - lowest footprint on your door. APSO will be launching for the US and Indian market first. It is the first smart lock to launch in India.