Open-Social Learning Aprentica is an academic content network that allows universities and professors to upload content, attract online learners, and BUILD LONG-TERM COMMUNITIES of followers around their personal and university brands: With 17,000 universities and 10M professors, no existing platform is helping them gain global awareness and attract more [and better] students. To solve this problem, Aprentica provides universities a platform to strengthen their brands and gain recognition by sharing their biggest assets: their best professors and academic material, to a global audience of digital learners. The ?facebook page for academia?, Aprentica is a marketing channel with a collaborative and social way to access centralized academic content and build long-term online communities. These communities are used to promote future courses and events, and enhance their brand, similar to the way companies use social networks today. Educators from +10 countries are already participating. Join APRENTICA!
Member count: 1-10