Educational games that reach the heart of the matter The game "O X da Quest?o" solves the problem of the unmotivated child with regards to mathematics. The game was validated by teachers and students as a board game, proving its educational efficiency in teaching quickly and motivating the participants. Through the game in augmented reality, all the children that are participating play against our characters who are little stylized dogs. We have three characters, the Decorebinha for the learning version (to colour it, there is a free download), the Decoreba for the Junior version and the Decoreb?o for the Challenge version. Playing against the character chosen, they need to win. If they lose, it commemorates. If the children win, it gets angry, each time even angrier to the point that it turns into a dragon, and this is what the children want... see the beast burst into flames, and then transform into the Dragoreba. If they make mistakes in some more turns, it turns back into its old self the doggie. See our MVP: marvl.in/43eajh
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $20K