Socially Driven App Development We have a vision. We believe that everyone in this world has a creative mind. Everyone is full of innovative ideas that have the potential to change this world. Everyone has a different set of skills which when mixed together define the innovative world. For this to happen, people actually need to communicate idea with each other so that they can make the best of others' skills in pursuing their dreams, in implementing their ideas in real world. But this happens rarely. There is a big gap between people of different skill-sets. As s result of this, most of such innovative ideas die everyday. We at Appyify, are determined to fill this gap. We make sure all the innovative ideas people come up with, are implemented and brought into the real market as a product. But that's not it! We make sure the people who come up with those innovative ideas actually earn something from their idea. We offer them back a share of whatever their app earns.