AppyFans is an IPA for Local Shops and Big Brands to bond with their fans AppyFans is a new personal shopping assistant that is engaging local stores with their fans, by warning people of meaningful deals for them, according to their preferences, context and location. People want to have information on local businesses in a relevant way to make their lives easier, like Waze does for traffic! With context variables, such as the weather, traffic, people nearby, tv shows and my own preferences, our notification engine is able to match my moment with businesses nearby that are relevant for me, delivering messages and mini-games for me to interact with the stores. The app will be my personal assistant for local stores! Stores will also have their own personal marketing assistant, that will give them hints on new campaigns to make their lives easier and keep people coming to the app and the stores! The solution will be free to use for customers and will be financed by ads, just like Google Adwords, but for brick-and-mortar stores. Marketing is now hyperlocal!
Member count: 1-10