The intelligent PSD to App Compiler Turn your Photoshop designs into usable UI code ... not just slicing images, so you can get on to doing what you love. Have you ever spent a whole day slicing a Photoshop design and coding it to native UI code? Slicing PSD's is a long, tedious process that cuts into precious development time. With our simple drag and drop process, you can go from design to UI in seconds. Currently Supported Outputs Appcelerator Titanium: iOS, Android, MobileWeb Alloy for Titanium Native iOS (Objective C) Android (XML) HTML and CSS (That includes PhoneGap) AppXen analyzes your Photoshop file, parses out the necessary data, slices your images into retina & non-retina versions, and generates the UI code for the platform of your choice. This will save a developer an average of 2-8 hours per screen of an application design. Best of all, you don't even need to have Photoshop. Appxen will read and compiles your PSD all on its own. So you no longer need to own Photoshop just work with all those PSDs.
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