Better wiki medical & health care around the world (wikimedcare) Wikimedicare is a web & app system where you have a full catalog preloaded of products and medicines of many health care laboratories and personal care in many countries in such a way that for all travelers around the world if they need some product or medicine they can find the commercial name even compare the product watching the image of the two boxes and all the features like dosis, active substance, among others. But, no just this, in Wikimedicare if you are looking for products or medicines, also you can register pharmacies, doctors, clinics, laboratories and when you are searching for some product the system predicts your location showing you the pharmacies with this product, the closest doctor, laboratories or clinic where you can see the ranking of the recomendation qualified by people who had need to hire the services. In short, Wikimedicare is a combination of wikipedia, tripadvisor & UBER (for doctors, pharmacies, labs, service shops, among others) focused in health sector
Location: Mexico, Mexico City
Total raised: $25K