Mobile Web Application Publishing Platform for Content Creators Looking at publishers nowadays, we?ve noticed that they have to put up a real struggle to get to their mobile readers: 1) create an application, 2) publish it in the App Store, 3) wait for it to be approved and finally, 4) promote it to their users to install it. However, a precedent was created in June 2011 when Financial Times launched their HTML5 browser-based application, proving to the entire publishing industry that it is possible to succeed outside App Stores. They were followed by NY Times, Amazon with their Kindle Cloud Reader, Atlantic Wire and others. Today we?re seeing more and more development taking place around HTML5, including FirefoxOS from Mozilla, backed by Telefonica. By enabling the development of apps using HTML5, Appticles is liberating publishers from the constraints of native App Stores and makes it easier for end users to run an app on any device, directly on their favorite browser.
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