Share & Discover What's Happening Around You Right Now Driven by machine learning, Terranova is an intelligent location-based app that makes it easy for people to share and discover what's happening around them right now. Terranova lets users snap a picture or short video of something they'd like to share with the world. The app automatically geo-tags each photo, creating a live, time-stamped "beacon" that's visible/searchable by everyone in the vicinity, as well as friends on Facebook and Twitter. Users can also view what other people are publicly sharing via the app's personalized photo feed. For the first time, no Facebook connections, Instagram handles, or Twitter hashtags are required to easily share, view and search publicly posted photos. Use cases include alerting people about what's happening now; showcasing unique places and events; attracting people to a business; promoting special events; or, getting in the know -- wherever you are -- by checking out what others near you are experiencing.
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