App Talkie (Nex-tel for Smartphones)
Nation Wide Walkie Talkie Service Walkie Talkie Service for Companies with Distributed Workers - Communication Service is sold B2B with 2 Year Contract - Validated Product & Customers that is disrupting current monopoly - Strong Cashflow Business with business model like that of a Telecommunication Company (AT&T, Verizon, Singtel) - Experienced CEO who has ran a multi-million dollar company - Long period of Exclusive Distribution Agreement signed with Principal If you are an Angel Investor who likes Nex-tel, Sprint Direct, Motorola iDEN services, please do connect. This AngelList profile is deliberately short on specific information due to arrangement with Principle. Financial Projection FY 2016 Revenue $452,075 Cost $369,630 Profit $82,445 FY 2017 Revenue $1,412,900 Cost $1,072,115 Profit $340,785 FY 2018 Revenue $3,154,835 Cost $2,243,855 Profit $910,980