Helping brands make new friends Running Facebook page is not easy.In order to convert fans to customers you have to design page,to build fan base,to advertise,to engage and award them.To do all of that, you have to start using powerful applications but this is a night-more for all page owners.To much time, to much money, to stressful.Without applications you can?t make tabs,campaigns, PWGs,and you can't build fan bases.Facebook is (maybe) free of charge,but Designers&Programmers are not! There are more than 1mld Facebook users,40mil business pages.Huge potential for B2B and still growing. But there wasn't good product/toll and we decided to create the world biggest Facebook platform where you can find powerful application just for your business,rebrand it and publish without any programming or design skills.It's cheaper and easier then ever before for small business owners to fight with big competitors/brands in advertising arena.Saving money on apps making you more space for advertising or investment in content.
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